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BEING MUSLIM: A GUIDE TO FAITH AND PRACTICE - Grand Mosque - 2445 Waverley St.


Islam Alive Presents…..

Being Muslim: a Practical Guide to Faith and Practice.

Being Muslim is a class that will cover the essential aspects of Islam from the most basic level.   Together, in a relaxed and friendly environment, we will cover a wide variety of subjects that will give learners not simply a collection of facts, but an understanding of the vision and spirit of Islam. 

All are welcome to attend.  No background knowledge is required and all questions are welcomed.  

While there is no cost for attendance, donations would be gratefully accepted. 

Date:  Every Wednesday evening beginning November 26,  2014
(Approximate 12 week duration) 


Location: Winnipeg Grand Mosque, 
2445 Waverley St.

Class Instructor: Dr. Idris Elbakri

To register, please contact Sr. Kim Turman to confirm your attendance at [email protected]  



ISSA, NCCM and RCMP Booklet on challenging Terrorism

This booklet was launched at the Winnipeg Central Mosque on Monday, September 29. Please see the attached link to read the newly published booklet:

United Against Terrorism: A Collaborative Effort Towards a Secure, Inclusive, and Just Canada

For more coverage on the launching event, please read the Winnipeg Free Press article here:


Ten years ago, in October (Ramadan) of 2004, WCM first opened its doors. Alhamdulillah, Allah (SWT) has blessed our community with this space in which we have been able to gather together, learn, share and worship. May Allah (SWT) keep WCM going for many years to come!

The current issue of the Manitoba Muslim features WCM in celebration of its 10 year anniversary. Copies are available at WCM. You can also browse through the issue online - Manitoba Muslim

Thank you all for your generous support throughout the years!


The government of Manitoba has officially declared October as Islamic History Month! To celebrate this, the Canadian Muslim Leadership Institute is creating a display to be set up at United Way and is hosting a launch night to kick off this wonderful month!

Shahina Siddiqui, chair of Islamic History Month Canada, is the invited keynote speaker. 
This night will feature performances by Lyrical Militant and FigNOlive as well as some stand up comedy by Winnipeg's own Joel Trono-Doerksen! 
Expect some awesome entertainment, delicious food, and great company!
This event is open to people of all faiths! We invite the whole community to come together and to celebrate this wonderful cause.


Winnipeg Muslim Leaders Statement condemning heinous crimes of ISIS

The Muslim Leaders of Winnipeg have issued a statement condemning the recent heinous crimes of ISIS against the minority groups in Iraq. 

For Immediate Release August 10, 2014

Statement from Muslim Leaders in Manitoba

We, the undersigned Muslim leaders in Winnipeg, unconditionally declare the actions of ISIS an affront to our faith, and we forcefully condemn any attempts by ISIS to associate their heinous crimes to Islam and to our prophetic tradition.

Islam has made it incumbent on Muslims under Islamic law to protect religious minorities within their countries and grant freedom of religion, security of life, honour, property and intellect to all citizens regardless of race, religion and gender. We are therefore anguished at how Christians and other religious minorities are suffering at the hands of our co-religionists in today's conflict-ridden world.

We urge and pray that Muslim religious leaders and politicians around the world will continue to speak up and take strong and definitive actions against criminals and terrorists who are committing atrocities in the name of our faith.

We, here in Winnipeg, are blessed to practice our faith in its true spirit and to live in peace and harmony with all our fellow Canadians, regardless of religious background, culture and ideology In this spirit we offer our sincere and humble apology to our Christian and Yazidi brothers and sisters for the pain these misguided Muslims have caused them. Please know that we stand in solidarity with you and with all the persecuted people around the world.

May the Merciful Creator bless entire humanity with peace and justice and relief from oppression. (Ameen).


Shahina Siddiqui -President

Islamic Social Services Association Inc-Canada- 204 944 1560

Dr. Jennifer Rahman - Council Chair

Winnipeg Central Mosque Inc

Dr. Idris Elbakri - President

Manitoba Islamic Association Inc

Yasmin Ali - President

Canadian Muslim Women's Institute Inc

Laila and Farouq Chebib- Directors

Canadian Federation of Bridge Builders Inc

Omar Siddiqui- Chair

Canadian Muslim Leadership Institute Inc



The Zubaidah Tallab Foundation and Bilal Masjid would like to welcome all families to a full day of Eid Celebration.

Monday, July 28 (after Eid prayer). 

12-8 pm.

Assiniboine Park, Picnic Area 20 on Conservatory Road. 

- Bouncers for the kids

- Pot luck food

- Games and activities 

- Soccer from 3-8

- Free 

All are welcome and encouraged to attend. 

For more info please contact 204-223-6789 or 204-414-2517 or email [email protected]

Your brother
Hussain Guisti
General Manager/CFO
Zubaidah Tallab Foundation

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Jumaa (Friday)Prayer

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