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Assalamu Alaikum,

The Manitoba Islamic Association, Winnipeg Central Mosque and Winnipeg Islamic Centre (Bilal Masjid)  are pleased to announce that Monday July 28th, 2014 is the first day of Eid-Fitr. There will be NO Taraweeh prayers today Sunday.

Eid prayer will be held in the RBC Convention Centre (previously known as the Winnipeg Convention Centre) at 375 York Ave.

Parking Info: 

Please click here

Eid Prayer Program:

  • Beginning of Takbeerat:    8:30 AM
  • Beginning of Eid prayer:   9:30 AM
  • Beginning of Khuttba:       9:40 AM
  • End of Khutba:                  10:00 AM

We also invite you to join the Eid Festival, a fun filled event for the whole family, on Saturday August 2 from 3 pm to 9 pm

We wish you a blessed and happy Eid.


Winnipeg Harvest and the Winnipeg Muslim community are participating in GIVE 30 this year! Everyone can participate. You don't have to be Muslim and you don't have to be fasting. Donate the money you save during Ramadan to the Winnipeg Harvest. 

Check out these videos to learn about GIVE 30 and how you can participate!



The Manitoba Islamic Association, Winnipeg Central Mosque and Winnipeg Islamic Centre (Bilal Masjid) are pleased to announce that Sunday June 29, 2014 as the first day of Ramadan.

Taraweeh prayers start after Isha prayer on Saturday June 28. This announcement is based on the recommendation of the local Fiqh committee which has been reviewing and assessing moon sighting evidence from across the globe. Moon sighting is not possible in North America tonight and many Islamic countries have confirmed Ramadan to start on Sunday June 29.

For more information on Ramadan, please contact:

Winnipeg Central Mosque 715 Ellice Ave. Phone #: (204) 783-6797 Website:


Please check the website for updates on the start of Ramadan.


First Taraweeh: Saturda June 28, 2014 at 11:20 PM

Eid Al-fitr: Monday July 28, 2014 (projected date); prayer location, Winnipeg Convention Centre.


Taraweeh will last approximately 25-30 minutes. It begins 2 minutes after Isha’. Led by Ammar Khatib, Abdullah Abu Safwaan and Abdullah Hidah. 



DONATE for RAMADAN IFTARS at WCM - Zubaidah Tallab Foundation


Dear community members
Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatu

Our beloved prophet (PBUH) told us "whosoever breaks the fast of a Muslim will receive their (fasting) reward without an iota less".
The Zubaidah Tallab Foundation will again carry the tradition of sponsoring most Iftar days in Winnipeg Central Mosque this year and requests anybody who would like to donate money for the Iftar Saim to please do so. On average 130-150 people break the fast during weekdays and upwards of 250 during weekends. The charity anticipates that it will sponsor 25 days of Iftar this year. 
It will cost around $4 per fasting person/per day. In other words if you donate only $4, Inshallah ,you will receive the reward of fasting a whole day in Ramadan. If you donate $120, Inshallah, it is like fasting 30 additional days of Ramadan. It is this easy. Please contact [email protected] or 204-223-6789 if you are interested in donating. 
Your brother,

Hussain Guisti
General Manager/CFO
Zubaidah Tallab Foundation

Note: The Charity sponsored 20 days last year, 23 days in 2012, 24 days in 2011, 21 days in 2010, 25 days in 2009, 25 days in 2008 and 24 days in 2007.  

WEST END COMMUNITY MARKET! - Every other Wednesday during summer - WCM Parking Lot


In collaboration with the Winnipeg Food Share Co-op, the Daniel McIntyre / St. Matthew's Community Association and the Spence Neighbourhood Association, WCM will be starting a Community Market it it's parking lot beginning tomorrow and continuing throughout the summer every other Wednesday. Come and check it out!


Camp Awakening Registration - Aug 05 to Aug 10

Where: Brereton Lake

What to bring: See website

What: Manitoba Muslim Youth Summer Camp 
Where: Brereton Lake at Whiteshell in Manitoba 
When: August 05 to August 10 
Who: Youth of age 10 to 17 (30 boys and 30 girls)

For more information and to register now, please go

Contact Info: [email protected]

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Asr 5:52 PM 6:00 PM
Maghrib 9:44 PM 9:54 PM
Isha 11:00 PM 11:05 PM


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Jumaa (Friday)Prayer

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