Past Announcements

Ecole Sofiya School is Moving to a New Location

Ecole Sofiya is happy to make the following announcement to the Community of Manitoba:

Ecole Sofiya school will open its doors to the students in September 2013 insha Allah, in a new location, with all the modern facilities and the appropriate space, where a highly competent and Manitoba certified teachers dispense a model of an ideal education.

The strength of the school emanates from the following four sources: Manitoba Curriculum, Islamic Education, Three languages (Arabic, English and French), Critical and creative thinking.

Contact Info: Ph : 204 231 4441 or the Principal at :204 9183479


Fitness Class for Sisters


Fitness Class - Sisters Only

Where: Winnipeg Grand Mosque (2445 Waverely) - Gym Area

Speaker/Instructor: Coach Sarah Khan

Come and join your sisters in an informal fitness class scheduled for July!  The class will be led by Beachbody coach Sarah Khan and will feature a program that is adaptable to any fitness level.  Physical fitness is as important as your spiritual fitness, and what better place to get fit than in the Masjid.

Contact Info: If you are interested in signing up - email: [email protected]

ISSA After-School Program, July/August 2013, Ages 8 to 13



July and August 2013

YOUTH 8-13

$75 a month per child $25 discount per additional child 

The After School Program has three major components, which are educational, community service, and recreation. The program days vary during the week where we have sports gym days, workshops, field trips, 3-day camp trip and more!!! The program is intended to assist our Muslim youth in their junior and high school years with their social, spiritual, educational, and physical development all while adhering to the Islamic principles. 

ACTIVITIES INCLUDE: -Soccer -Manitoba Museum -Fort Whyte -Laser Tag -Camping -Fishing -Corn Maze -Zoo -And Much More… 

Please contact ISLAMIC SOCIAL SERVICES ASSOCIATION INC for more information & registration. Phone: 204-944-1560 Email: [email protected] or [email protected]


STARTS MAY 5, 2013


What to Bring: 2 shirts: black/dark navy & white/grey, water bottle

Come out and have fun with your sisters for a weekly game of basketball!

Contact Info:
Zarreen Barlas:   [email protected]
Seema Uddin:   [email protected]

PUBLIC SQUARE SERIES - Fostering Cross Cultural Respect and Appreciation


The Public Square Series

Fostering Cross Cultural Respect and Appreciation 

The Public Square Series is showcasing four cultural and religious communities to help build bridges of understanding, encourage interaction, share history and inspire courage and resilience to overcome challenges while celebrating multiculturalism.

The Muslim community and newcomers are invited to attend receptions hosted by the Aboriginal, Japanese, Filipino and Mennonite communities in Winnipeg. The program will include a host panel and discussion cafés with leaders of host communities in media, politics, social activism and economics.

Please call and book your spot for all events. Registration is free. 204 944 1560 or email [email protected]

Buses will run from IRCOM House (95 Ellen Street) for those requiring transportation. Interpreters will be provided as requested when registering. All refreshments will be halal. 

An evening with the Aboriginal Community

Friday February 22, 2013 6:30 to 9:30 pm
Thunder Bird House
715 Main Street

An evening with the Japanese Community

Thursday February 28, 2013 6:30 to 9:30 pm
Manitoba Japanese Canadian Cultural 
180 McPhillips Street 

An evening with the Filipino Community

Friday March 8, 2013 6:30 to 9:30 pm
Philipine Canadian Centre of Manitoba
737 Keewatin Street 

An evening with the Mennonite Community

Wednesday March 20, 2013 6:30 to 9:30 pm
Location: TBA 

Funding for this project has been provided by Citizenship and Immigration Canada and Manitoba Immigration and Multiculturalism 



The following is a letter sent to ISSA regarding the above event:

Good afternoon,

My name is Cecilly Hildebrand. I had the wonderful privilege of presenting

and participating in your Public Square event last night at Sargent

Mennonite Church. I feel as though I walked away with new friends as well

as a deeper desire to participate in more similar dialogue events. I wanted

to thank you this opportunity. If you are planning to have more events and

have an email list that you send updates to, I would love to have my name


I would also like to extend a personal invitation to attend the Canadian

School of Peacebuilding, an institute of Canadian Mennonite University. We

offer two weeks of 5-day courses from June 17-21 and June 24-28. Each year

we invite peacebuilders – local and international, young and old, students,

practitioners and those new to peacebuilding, from all faiths, countries

and identity groups – to participate in their choice of 5-day courses for

personal inspiration, professional development, or academic credit. One of

the courses I'd like to highlight is being taught by Mubarak Awad, called

"Finding Your Voice: Understanding Nonviolent Action for Today's Complex

World." Mubarak Awad was born in Jerusalem, Palestine, and is the founder

of the Palestinian Center for the Study of Nonviolence in Jerusalem. He

also formed Nonviolence International, which promotes peace education and

nonviolent action in dealing with political and social issues, and is an

adjunct professor at the American University in Washington focusing on

promoting dialogue and transforming post-conflict societies. If you are

interested in this course or others, please feel free to visit our website

Please also feel free to forward information about this course on to anyone

who may be interested. The more diverse the classroom, the more enriching

it is. We would love to gain your friendship.

Once again, thank you very much for the opportunity to participate in the

Public Square event. I felt truly blessed by the open and respectful

conversations and the struggle to come to grips with the mutual concerns we



Cecilly Hildebrand

Canadian Muslim Leadership Institute Program 2013 - Call for Applicants

CMLI 2013

Call for applications for acceptance into the Canadian Muslim Leadership Institute core program 2013.

The Canadian Muslim Leadership Institute (CMLI) is an organization committed to nurturing collaborative community leadership. 

CMLI is now accepting applications for it's 2013 'Core program' beginning in March and concluding in August. This 6 month program requires CMLI participants to attend 3 weekend retreats and  3 evening roundtables. Attendance of these are mandatory.

The dates for these are the following:
Retreat 1: March 1-3
Retreat 2: May 31- June 2
Retreat 3: August 23- 25
Roundtable 1: March 19th , 6-9pm
Roundtable 2: May 1st , 6-9pm
Roundtable 3: June 12th , 6-9pm  

The cost of the program is $500; CMLI encourages participants to find community sponsors to fund applicant's participation in the program. Subsidies are available.

The Core program brings in specialists, activists, academics, facilitators and community leaders from across all cultural and faith groups. The program focuses on developing participants ability to think critically, encourage personal self discovery, create cross cultural connections and encourage proactive 'hands on' projects and experiences.

For more information please see the Canadian Muslim Leadership Institute facebook page or contact our office @ 204.944.1560.

Please contact [email protected] for a copy of the application form and submit it to CMLI Steering Committee Chair, Omar Siddiqui: [email protected]  Deadline for application is Feb 7th, 2013. Successful candidates will be informed by Feb 10th, 2013.

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