Past Announcements

MIA Youth Activity Program - JULY 9 - AUGUST 27, 2012

There will be a Boys & Girls Activity Program for ages 5 -13 years old.  The program will run from July 9th to August 27th. The program will include soccer, baseball, basketball, volleyball and outings. If interested, please email [email protected] for registration information.


2 Jumaa Prayers at WCM - JUNE 29 TO AUGUST 31


Due to the larger numbers that attend Jumaa prayer during the Summer months, we will be having two prayer times inshaAllah:

1:40 pm to 2:05 pm


2:45 pm to 3:10 pm


ISSA After School Program - Age 8-13 JULY 4 - AUGUST 27, 2012 - REGISTER TODAY!!

The ISSA (Islamic Social Services Association) After School Program is in its 7th year. The program is open to Youth Age 8-13.

JULY 4 - AUGUST 27, 2012

The After School Program has three major components, which are educational, community service, and recreation. The program days vary during the week where we have sports gym days, workshops, field trips, 3-day camp trip and more!!! The program is intended to assist our Muslim youth in their junior and high school years with their social, spiritual, educational, and physical development all while adhering to the Islamic principles.

-        Nature Camp

-        Soccer
-        Basketball
-        Fort Whyte Centre
-        Manitoba Museum
-        Tinkertown
-        IMAX
-        Camping
-        Fishing
-        Safety workshops
-        And much much more.....
$75.00/month for each participant
($25 discount for more than 1 child)

The Canadian Muslim Women's Institute (CMWI) has a new home - 61 JUNO ST.

The Canadian Muslim Women's Institute office has been located on the second floor of the mosque for two years, since it had to move from its previous location on McDermott. CMWI offers many important services to the community, including ones for newcomers. They run various programs including referral services, English classes, a food bank, a sewing program and swimming lessons. Although WCM is sorry to see CMWI leave, we are happy that they have found a larger, more functional space at 61 Juno St. May Allah (SW) bless CMWI's members, volunteers and employees and we wish them all the best in their new office space! 



Successful Spring Clean-Up: Watch Video Here!

May Allah (SW) reward all those brothers and sisters who spent many hours last Saturday cleaning the inside and outside of the Masjid. Everyone worked hard and did an excellent job! It was a very productive day; people undertook many tasks including washing walls in all over the mosque, cleaning all the windows and doors, sorting out unused items and washing the kitchen, moving furniture, dusting light fixtures, wiping chairs and tables, vacuuming the carpet including the corners and edges, scouring the washrooms, sanitizing the wudu sandals and watering cans, shovelling soil into the garden planters, weeding, cutting grass, picking up garbage outside and planting flowers and seeds.

Special thanks to Robyn Webb, the Greening Coordinator at the Daniel McIntyre / St. Matthews Community Association, who came out to help us plant! Also, special thanks to Br. Sarowar Mian (Giant Pizza) who provided many pizzas for the hard working volunteers!

If we all work together, we can keep the Masjid clean. JazakAllahu Khaire!



WCM Spring Clean-Up, June 2012

WORKSHOP on how to give ghusal to the deceased

Tentative Date: Saturday, June 30th, 2012

Where: Winnipeg Grand Mosque (2445 Waverely)

What to bring: Pen paper supplied
There is a need to train new brothers and sister to wash/ do Ghusal for the deceased Muslim/ Muslima.
We will teach you the theory and practice of how to perform GHUSAL. We will train as many brothers and sisters as are willing to volunteer to do this community service.
Dates and time will be confirmed according to how many people are interested.
Please contact Mian Hameed for further information and to sign up for the workshop.
Phone No. 253 6314 / 996 5181

Prayer Schedule

Adhan Salat
Fajr 3:39 AM 4:30 AM
Dhuhr 1:28 PM 2:00 PM
Asr 5:42 PM 6:00 PM
Maghrib 9:21 PM 9:31 PM
Isha 11:00 PM 11:15 PM


5:36 AM

Jumaa (Friday)Prayer

1:50 PM  2:15 PM

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